Sad Geeks Reward Desperate for A New Vista?

I’ve just seen one of the saddest sights imaginable — a straggle of IT geeks were queueing up outside PC World at the top of Tottenham Court Road waiting until midnight so they can get their sweaty fingers on Windows 7 (yes, I’m blogging  from a moving train!). Apparently there’s a massive demand for the new Microsoft OS which shows one of two things: a) people have forgotten how many bugs Vista originally had in it or b) people are so unhappy with Vista they are desperate for something to replace it with (even if it’s from the same pedigree as Vista). Of course there’s also option c) — that the IT industry is populated with dsyfunctional, anti-social freaks who thrive on novelty and their possession of some bit of software that no-one else has yet. However, that’s a given.

I use both Vista and XP and have never really ‘got’ Vista. Although my version seems to work ok, it seemed to be designed by some marketeers who wanted to replace old features from XP for the sake of it. Perhaps there’s a way of getting back some of my favourite XP dialogues and short cuts but I’m not prepared to waste my life in discovering them (not being an aforementioned anal retentive geek — though sad enough to blog on it, if not queue up for it).

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