Charlie Calling the Blogosphere

Announcing a new blog by my very good friend, the infamous contributor to Swan Supping , Charlie Mackle – . Charlie shares his thoughts on his favourite subjects, including, of course, beer and pubs but also anything else that takes his fancy including sport, airports and airlines, politics and many more of life’s irritations and resonant experiences.

There are already a few posts on the site (on airlines, beer and the Cerne Abbas Giant). Charlie plans to add more on a regular basis. He’s still getting to grips with this web-hosting lark and the WordPress software but hopes to be able to be interactive with anyone who wants to post comments and so on (though these may not appear on the site straight away). E-mail will also be added to contact Charlie.

In time the site may even feature some of Charlie’s celebrated past articles from Swan Supping, the latest issue of which contains Charlie’s first foray into fiction (out now in your local pub).

The blog has a page of Charlie’s likes and dislikes (surprisingly there are more entries in the former category). See if you share similar preferences. It also has a page of links to some of Charlie’s other favourite sites. Charlie is very interested to share links with other likeminded purveyors of intelligent comment and information on the web.

Charlie Mackle is now ready for the internet, but is the internet ready for him?

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