Frank Lampard — A Good Judge of People?

Frank Lampard lambasted former FA chief Adam Crozier recently for uttering a completely fatuous and premature soundbite about England’s supposed ‘golden generation’ when he made the disastrous appointment of Sven Goran Eriksson as England manager. Whereas Sven has now moved to the heights of Director of Football at Notts County, Crozier has found another national institution to wreck. As Lampard says of Crozier ‘Look what happened to him’. Typical of our political culture where competence is thought far inferior to spin and appearances, Crozier is chief executive of the Royal Mail — whose appalling industrial relations seem to have nosedived further after he took charge. Not that you’d know he’s in charge as, like his ultimate boss, Gordon Brown he’s suddenly turned invisible when the going has got tough and sends his minions like an operations director out to face the media.

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  1. It seems Crozier’s latest wheeze is to employ 30,000 scabs ( ) Despite all the Royal Mail bollocks about its shareholder, that shareholder is still one G. Brown. I’m not sure Thatcher would have ever have risked screwing up vital infrastructure like the Royal Mail. It defies belief that Brown is using the recession of which he’s a principal architect to hire 30,000 of the unemployed to score points against a union. It underlines the fact that the modern Labour Party seems to have declared war on the people who founded the Labour movement a century ago.

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