A Summer ‘Tradition’ We Can Do Without

I’m sure John Major in his rather risible but memorable speech about warm beer, long shadows on cricket grounds and so on from the early 90s would have included Morris dancing in his wistful list of unchanging Englishness (see the photo below of the Towersey Morris and Aldbury Morris Men performing outside the Swan, Great Kimble on 7th July).

Towersey and Aldbury Morris Outside the Swan, Great Kimble
Towersey and Aldbury Morris Outside the Swan, Great Kimble

That speech is a particular bug bear as beer should NEVER be warm — the belief that real ale is best drunk tepid has allowed bad landlords to get away with serving undrinkable crap. It should be cellar temperature (about 10-12 C) and it’s sometimes so difficult to keep it that way in unrefrigerated cellars that even usually reliable pubs might be wisely avoided in temperatures of the upper 20s and even 30s C of the sort we experienced at the end of last week and this weekend.

In fact, on our trip on Saturday to the Black Country, I had more than one pint in usually exemplary pubs that, while by no means bad, that certainly weren’t on top form. It’s not a problem we’ve really had to worry about over the last couple of summers but, in hot weather, if the beer comes out as anything like ambient temperature you know you’re likely to be in trouble — whatever rubbish John Major came out with years ago.

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  1. Don’t all these guys comes across as rose tinted idiots when they try to sum up Englishness?

    I guess they don’t want to talk about what it was when we grew up cocking a snook at authority and having your own ideas. Qualities that are now considered dangerous and not being a team player.

    Blogging? Naturally English thing to do.

    If anyone favours actual warm beer they have odd tastebuds. It’s one of the pluses for CAMRA that my main complaint is some pubs now try to cover up poor housekeeping with low temperatures but it’s still an advance. When I grew up a drinkable Brown Liquid pint was considered good never mind malt character and hops.

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