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The BBC seems to consistently misname its Sports Personality of the Year Programme. For one thing, it’s really a Sports Review of the Year, although the BBC’s loss of the rights to many sporting events over the past few years mean it tends to be a ‘Sports Review of the Sports the BBC Chooses to Promote’ programme (let’s see how much emphasis F1 and Wimbledon get this year). However, the voting is clearly misnamed as it takes no account of the crucial word ‘personality’. How many sportsmen and women actually demonstrate a personality at all? Not many — perhaps a few colourful characters like Freddie Flintoff or John McEnroe. Most have very little personality — even the likes of David Beckham have more of a persona than personality (his interviews are all underwhelming).  Which of the ten contenders for 2009 actually have a personality that is apparent to the spectating public?

  1. Jenson Button
  2. Mark Cavendish
  3. Tom Daley
  4. Jessica Ennis
  5. Ryan Giggs
  6. David Haye
  7. Phillips Idowu
  8. Andy Murray
  9. Andrew Strauss
  10. Beth Tweddle

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Button, Cavendish, Ennis, Idowu or Tweddle ever speak (shows how closely I follow F1). Daley is still a schoolkid and Murray rivals Beckham as an entertaining interviewee. Giggs is an extraordinary footballer and a seemingly nice chap all round but he does his talking on the pitch — all things that could be applied to Strauss. The only one I’ve seen with an engaging personality is Haye.

No doubt Button will win due to the world champion factor (but we could say that about Haye in some respects).

If we’re talking personality then there’s no doubt who the overseas award should go to — someone who previously could have been charged with being ultra-anodyne and corporately bland but has appeared incredibly human in the past week or two — Tiger Woods.

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  1. Can you tell me when Flintoff ever shows anything more than a bland weak persona who munches cliche’s together like dope smoker at midnight buying choci bars from a service station. To say Flintoff is bland is surely without question – why would anyone with an ounce of real character allow themselves to be called by a monumentally insulting nickname. Being drunk is not personality.

    Cavendish won 6 stages at the Tour de France and is the top sprint cyclist in the world. It’s hard Ennis is a world champ in a multi event so + for dedication and degree of difficulty. Idowu is a one trick pony in a pretty exclusive event.

    Tweddle is good at 2 of 4 disciplines in a minor event.

    Murray is so far a loser.

    Haye is one of 5 heavyweight world champs and not the top one in what is a very minority sport now.

    Button is not the best driver in the world or arguably British driver. It’s the car stupid as they say.

    Arguably Wiggins 4th as a likely clean rider in le Tour is best but Cav is our top cyclist and arguably was ahead of Hoy last year as track cycling is as competitive as croquet.

    Strauss for me captained and played well in the biggest team sport represented by someone who is not sentimental choice, sorry Ryan.

    Button would be a lousy selection. Hamilton was better in a more competitive year last year and did not win (OK Olympic year).

    Daley eff off.

    Strauss or Cavendish would be good and so would Ennis. As women rarely win it and she is a world champion which the other 2 are not I say Ennis.

  2. Just shows what a stupid name the award has. Ennis could have a great personality but I’ve no idea as the BBC rarely shows her sport whereas Flintoff being pissed makes the national news.

  3. Ennis has a nice bubbly personality which is nice on a date but not hugely interesting. Idowu’s pretty camp actually – dyed hair and piercings (Looked up on Wiki he has a girlfriend which was a mild surprise to me). Cav is quite dark but probably not deep. Strauss may be that bland. Button is OK for a Formula 1 driver but that’s dullsville, Giggs is bland, Tweddle aussi,

    Hey the Flintoff thing frankly Tiger Woods is a dull as ditch water but what a spunky guy he is on the quiet. Does excess that makes headlines point to the opposite of a personality? WTF does personality mean? We probably just disagree on the semantic.

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